2018 Tiger Claw Elite Championships, May 19-20, 2018, San Jose, California

Grand Champions Get Claw Cash Awards!

For the 8th Annual Tiger Claw Elite KungFuMagazine.com Championship, Adult Grand Champions will be awarded $200 in Claw Cash. Claw Cash is redeemable for Martial Arts gear and merchandise at Tiger Claw.com.
The Qualifying Grand Champions are:

TigerClawFrontPageTraditional Kung Fu Grand Champions
18+ Adv. Female
18+ Adv. Male

Modern Wushu Grand Champions
18+ Adv. Female
18+ Adv. Male

Tai Chi / Internal Grand Champions
19-45 Adv. Female
19-45 Adv. Male
46+ Adv. Female
46+ Adv. Male

Wushu Nandu Champions
18+ Female
18+ Male

NOTE: In order to qualify for the Claw Cash Award, there must be a minimum of 3 competitors participating in the final Grand Championship round. Claw Cash is only redeemable for merchandise purchases at Tiger Claw.com.