Promoter Profile: Sensei Ervic Aquino

Ervic Aquino
Sensei Ervic Aquino
Sensei Ervic Aquino began his martial arts training in 1991 studying Shotokan Karate under Shihan Jovito Angat. Sensei Aquino’s competitive career spans over two decades in which he has won numerous local, state, national, and world titles in both Traditional Karate and Sport Karate competitions. He is a two-time USA Open Gold medalist in Kobudo as well as a two-time NBL SuperGrands World Champion in weapons and forms. He is also a member of Team Proper, a national Sport Karate team based in San Francisco.

Together with his wife, Sibok Rochelle Aquino (5th Degree Shaolin Kenpo & 2nd Degree Shotokan), and Shihan Jovito Angat, they run TCMA Karate-do in Rodeo, California. TCMA has produced numerous world class competitors over the years. Their current roster of junior athletes seems to be their best one yet. With the possible inclusion of Karate as an Olympic sport, the goal is to train their junior competitors to successfully compete for a spot on the U.S. team.
Now serving as a tournament promoter, Sensei Aquino is using his years of competition experience to ensure that competitors enjoy their moments in the ring, as well as create a strong community of supporters to help move the sport to a higher level.

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